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Hand Crafted Aromatherapy Products

Aromatherapy products created with love and care in small batches or tailored made specifically to suit your needs. Please contact me directly to order these products.


Aromatherapy Meditation Oil - £20

Presented in a rollerball bottle with bamboo lid.

Special offer - also includes a one-off unique hand crafted Oracle Card.

Would you like to try this beautiful meditation ritual oil?

This has been brewing in my heart for some time. Organic oils, buds from my garden, home infused flowers and crystals charged with my channelled healing symbol.

It’s time to welcome ‘New Earth’ with this Meditation Ritual Roller Ball.

Connect deep into Mother Earth and reach high to the stars as we transition into lighter times.

Used for Relaxation, Sleep and Meditation.

10ml Contains organic essential oils of patchouli, frankincense, bergamot & lavender plus warming benzoin.
Blended in organic oils of sunflower, almond and wheat germ.
With added infused calendar oil, Healing charged clear quartz crystal and organically grown lavender buds.

Created with care and love.


Aromatherapy Bath and Body Oils 100ml - £20

Created to order with organic carrier and essential oils to enhance your bathing and body care rituals.

These blends are blessed and charged with crystals and my healing symbol.

Each bottle is prepared individually and thoughtfully taking into account your needs and preferences.

You can add the oil to your bath or massage into your skin for a luxurious scented experience.


Last night I used this beautiful scented oil and held onto the powerful energy of the oracle card. I finally slept. It was as if I had been placed within a magical healing chamber of calm. The healing received was truly out of this world. I woke today energised, centred, balanced and focused. I have definitely turned a corner.

I highly recommend Kath's aromatherapy oils. 5 Stars!  

Joanne B - Aromatherapy Mediation Oil

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